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Sportsman Heritage mini-sessions!

Hunting is an integral part of life for many of my friends, as well as my own family, and it is something that I look forward to all summer long.  Waiting on the fall hunting seasons to arrive is something I’m sure my wife gets tired of hearing me ramble on about…. but she loves me with all my daydreaming of November woods filled with wildlife.

I remember, as a kid, seeing real photos from hunting camps, where a dozen, stone-faced men in their Buffalo plaid jackets and work-worn Levi’s would stand in front of a pole, from which their hunt’s harvest would be hanging.  These days, I see a lot of selfies from tree stands and hunting blinds. The latter, while fun and something that I have done on many occasions, makes me sad. Having such a deep love of the outdoors and hunting, I want to make sure we preserve the memories not only of the hunt, but that which I feel is even more important… those with whom we hunt. Our families. Our friends. Members of a hunting club.  Whatever the relationship is, I’m sure those of you who hunt have created countless memories of your time with your hunting partners.

So I’m going to be doing Sportsman Heritage mini-sessions on Saturday December 8, 2018. With this session you get a quick, 15 minute session and 5 edited digital files via digital download, from my server. The intro price for this is only $99.00 (plus tax … complain to the state about the tax part)  This is for up to four people. If you need to add another person, it is $10.00 per person.

Spots are limited for these sessions, with only 12 spots available for that day.  Give me a call at 870-425-7671 and let’s get your spot reserved. Payment is due at the time of booking.  Sessions will take place near my home here in Mtn. Home.


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Fall Family Portrait Special

Today my son celebrates his one year anniversary of being a software developer for Amazon…. in Seattle.  Seattle is a LONG way from Mountain Home.
My oldest daughter is in her senior year at MTSU … in Murfreesboro, Tn … quite a ways from Mountain Home.

Families tend to drift away, geographically, as time moves on. While they’re at home with you, let’s make sure we keep your family portraits updated. Believe me, when they move away, far, far away, you’ll be glad you did.

All this week, you can save up to $100.00 on your family portrait session, and there is no better time for beautiful outdoor family photos than fall. Give me a call at 870-425-7671 and let’s get you on the calendar.  There are still great times available.


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Becca and Matt… an afternoon in June.

Becca and her family hold a special place in the hearts of the Blair family.  Becca’s mom has played a role in my daughter-in-law’s life that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to adequately appreciate.  Needless to say, she’s an angel… and so is Becca.  Oh, and we had my son’s wedding at Becca’s family’s home. So there are plenty of reasons for me to love this couple and this wedding.

Matt and Becca are both HUGE fans of Disney, which you will see in their photos. Beyond that, they are unique, quirky, funny, smart and loving people who had the perfect wedding on a lovely Tuesday afternoon in Northwest Arkansas.

In my career as a wedding photographer I’ve had a couple of .. coming back down the aisle shots… that are truly memorable. This is one of those. I love when my couples are not afraid to have fun.


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Mr. & Mrs. Roberts, the unabridged version.

Often times I  worry that I post too many photos… or that I’m too wordy. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t worry too much about it, because I’m just that kind of person.  I’m wordy and I’m proud of it.  So I hope you enjoy this look at Bryan’s and Makalya’s wedding day.

I’ve already posted a sneak preview of the wedding, but felt their beautiful day was worthy of more. I don’t photograph a lot of weddings here in Mountain Home, but always love it when the chance is presented. Getting to work with people I know is special.

This wedding was one where I really felt as if I’d been given a seat of honor where I could be part of their most intimate lives. I was witness to their love, their faith and their happiness. …. oh, and the guy’s cool socks.

I cannot wait to show Bryan, Makayla and their families the entire collection of photos.

Enjoy!  BTW, the kids in this wedding … may have stolen the show.  They were so adorable.

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Kiri & James … and Goat.

Kiri and James are kind of one of my legacy couples.  I first was introduced to their family, years ago, when I photographed Kiri’s brother for his senior portraits. Fast forward several years and I get a message from Tandy, the beautiful and amazing mom, saying Kiri was getting married. I love when I get to work, on a recurring basis, with families. That is the type of award that means the most to me.

Now, about that Goat. To this day, I still don’t quite know the details … as I was told I had to be there when the name came about to be privy to the reasons why. Nonetheless, Goat is the “name” of the Man-of-Honor.  This was a first for me, to have a MAN of honor.  He served his friend well and was truly one of the coolest parts of the day.

Kiri and James were married at the Country Club in Searcy, AR on a gorgeous spring day that blessed us with beautiful skies and amazing views. I was personally blessed, as their photographer, to be given so much time with just the bride and groom. I love when I get to walk around with the couple, making photos of just the two of them.

So here are a few photos of their wedding!  Enjoy.

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August Portrait Special!

Who doesn’t love a sale?  So for now through August you can take advantage of saving $100.00 off the normal price for a portrait session with the digital files.  Normally $595, but now through the end of August, you can book your shoot for $495.  Your files will be delivered via digital download or thumb drive, and you’ll receive a print release allowing you to print your photos at the lab of your choice.  Give me a call at 870-425-7671 and let’s get you on the calendar.  The session does not have to take place during August, but has to be booked during that month.

So book now, save now and have your session when you are ready.

Session fee is subject to Arkansas sale’s tax and the fee is due at time of reserving your date.