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K-9 Duke… one of the winners

So we ended up with two winners on the dog portrait contest, due to these two ladies just working their tails off to win. I couldn’t help but reward both.

Today I photographed Duke… K-9 Duke, a personal protection Cane Corso who is absolutely magnificent.  He’s intelligent, obedient and most of all, loyal to his human, Cheyenne.

We met at a local park for Duke’s session and I wanted to share a few of his photos. Give me a call if you’d like to schedule a session for your four legged family members. We’re only given so much time with them, and I know I sure miss those dogs who are no longer in my life. I’m thankful to have the photos to help keep the memories fresh.

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Still time to enter your dog!

We’re down to the last few days of the Dog Portrait contest…. and we have a couple who are burning it up. Still time to enter and if you and your friends are active, have a chance at winning.

Either way, an offer will be extended to all who participated, regardless of their winning or not.

BTW, today marks one year that this guy, Jordy (on IG as @jordy870) has been free. He and I met one year ago today at the Humane Society of North Central Arkansas. He’s a pretty special guy.. and while I thought I was rescuing him, turns out he rescued me as well.

So if you’re looking for a new pet for your family, be sure to check your local shelters. Jordy’s “sister”, Lola, came from Gails Pets Second Chance up in Oakland.

You never know what amazing animals are waiting for you to be the hero.


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Jordy and Lola… have an announcement!

So for those who follow my personal page on Facebook, Jordy is a personality you’ve been seeing for nearly a year, so you’re very familiar with him.  He even has his own Instagram page…@jordy870 … and he’d love to have you follow him.

For those who don’t know him, meet Jordy and his newly adopted sister, Lola. Yeah, I need more photos of Lola, and I promise I’ll get her caught up. We’d had two boxers, Mabel and Hazel, and one English Bulldog named Harriet and last July, Mabel had a stroke and died in our living room, surrounded by family. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog, as we’d had those three for more than a decade and we loved them more than I can explain. However, after my oldest daughter went back to college in Tennessee, my oldest son and his wife moved to Seattle and my two youngest went back to school, my house was QUIET.  Too quiet. So I went to the local Humane Society to look at this young female, wire haired, medium sized dog that I found on their website.  She was gone.  Adopted. Good for her, bad for me. Reluctantly I went back to look at the other dogs and there was this long legged, goofy looking 3 month old pup, sitting on a Green Bay Packers dog bed… and I was wearing my Packers ball cap. It was destiny. Little did I know I needed him as much as he needed me. Anyway, he’s my buddy.

Earlier this month we adopted Lola from a pet rescue just north of town, Gail’s Pets Second Chance and she is a perfect fit. She’s gentle. She’s kind. She’s a hand licker. (that part is something we’re working on) She and Jordy love one another and play for hours. I’m super thrilled that she’s part of our zoo now.

So here is their announcement.  We’re giving away a doggy portrait session.  How do you win? Post a photo of your dog to my facebook page, Blair Photography on FB and tell me about your dog. The post with the most likes, wins.  That easy.  Winner will be announced on September 1st. What do you get? A one hour portrait session for your dog and at least 10 digital files for your enjoyment and printing.

Disclaimer… Jordy is honestly an exceptional model. He seems to love the camera, which is a good thing since I’m a photographer. Lola isn’t terrible, but definitely has some catch up work to do. I mention this due to my knowing that some pets work differently than others and not every dog wants to sit still for a portrait, but we’ll work as much magic as possible.  The value of this session is $265.00… so don’t pass it up.  Now go post your photo and get your friends to come over to my Facebook page and like your photo and story.

ETA: If you’re looking for a new buddy, never be afraid to check out the pet rescues and the Humane Society. You never know what you’ll find.