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Kristen and Jeff, a river side wedding.

My career offers a lot of opportunity to work with couples I don’t know, other than by means of photographing their wedding… and then there are weddings like this one. Kristen, the bride, and my wife, Trisha, work together, so this wedding was one where I knew a lot of the people involved.  That makes it special to me.  Plus, my wife was a bridesmaid, so that was a new adventure for me as well.

Jeff is a local chef with some serious skills. If you’ve not had his food, I’d recommend you look him up and try his amazing creations. Plus, he has to be one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.

Kristen and Jeff were married on the banks of the White River on a steamy Saturday evening at the end of May. Having lived here since 1995, the White River is one of my favorite features of this area. I’ve spent countless hours in the water, waist deep, fishing for Rainbow trout and Brown trout.  By having such a history with the river, I love seeing it used as the backdrop for a wedding.  A cool contrast compared to how I was originally introduced to the river

These guys never slowed down.  From the rehearsal dinner the night before, right on to the end of my night with them, the energy was off the charts. Jeff’s groomsmen know how to have a good time, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t outdone by the ladies. It was fun keeping up with their pace and spirit.

So it goes without saying that Kristen made such a gorgeous bride. Her dress was elegant and was the perfect gown for her… she wore it well. Oh, and Jeff… headband king.  That was awesome.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into their wedding day.  Enjoy!

2018 weddings, Photography, Wedding Photography

Mr. & Mrs. Roberts, the unabridged version.

Often times I  worry that I post too many photos… or that I’m too wordy. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t worry too much about it, because I’m just that kind of person.  I’m wordy and I’m proud of it.  So I hope you enjoy this look at Bryan’s and Makalya’s wedding day.

I’ve already posted a sneak preview of the wedding, but felt their beautiful day was worthy of more. I don’t photograph a lot of weddings here in Mountain Home, but always love it when the chance is presented. Getting to work with people I know is special.

This wedding was one where I really felt as if I’d been given a seat of honor where I could be part of their most intimate lives. I was witness to their love, their faith and their happiness. …. oh, and the guy’s cool socks.

I cannot wait to show Bryan, Makayla and their families the entire collection of photos.

Enjoy!  BTW, the kids in this wedding … may have stolen the show.  They were so adorable.

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Terra & Randy… a steamy evening in June.

June weddings are one of my favorite things in life… with the exception of you never really know what the weather will be. When Terra and Randy were married, near Rogers, Arkansas, the weather was… STEAMY.  So hot, in fact, that I am pretty sure the preacher was just winging it, as he couldn’t see anything for the sweat in his eyes.

Regardless of the weather, however, this was such a beautiful event and I will forever be honored that I got to be part of it.  Terra’s little boy and Randy’s son were included in the ceremony and that always gets me right in the heart. Love it.

Again, playing catch up with past weddings, but their wedding deserves to be enjoyed. Leave them some love!

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Kiri & James … and Goat.

Kiri and James are kind of one of my legacy couples.  I first was introduced to their family, years ago, when I photographed Kiri’s brother for his senior portraits. Fast forward several years and I get a message from Tandy, the beautiful and amazing mom, saying Kiri was getting married. I love when I get to work, on a recurring basis, with families. That is the type of award that means the most to me.

Now, about that Goat. To this day, I still don’t quite know the details … as I was told I had to be there when the name came about to be privy to the reasons why. Nonetheless, Goat is the “name” of the Man-of-Honor.  This was a first for me, to have a MAN of honor.  He served his friend well and was truly one of the coolest parts of the day.

Kiri and James were married at the Country Club in Searcy, AR on a gorgeous spring day that blessed us with beautiful skies and amazing views. I was personally blessed, as their photographer, to be given so much time with just the bride and groom. I love when I get to walk around with the couple, making photos of just the two of them.

So here are a few photos of their wedding!  Enjoy.

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Hank and Taylor celebrate one year!

Congratulations to Taylor and Hank on their first year of marriage.  I’m so excited for these guys, as a year ago they became husband and wife, and in a few days they will get a new set of titles… Mom & Dad.  So an entirely new set of congratulations will be due.

They had a gorgeous wedding at Stone Creek Ranch, one of the best venues in Arkansas.  I love shooting at this venue, and have a few more to showcase from this place.  You’ll be as in love with it as I am.

Leave these two some love!

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It’s the story that keeps me coming back.

If you look around the internet… say on a Google image search… or Pinterest… or any social media platform, you will see that there is a huge movement in wedding photography to find things to photograph that will inspire others to follow suit. To get others to retweet your image. To get others to share it on Facebook. To get tons of people to pin it on Pinterest. Cool little crafty ideas. Cute shots of inanimate objects and decorations. Those are awesome. Those are amazing and those are items that the couple has put a ton of thought and work into and deserve to be photographed and shared.

However, let me tell you why I LOVE doing what I do. This photo, is to me, the entire story of this incredible wedding in one tiny sliver of the day. One frame that tells the whole thing. A story about two people in love. Two people who are not alone. This to me, is a photo that shows how life should be. These three are amazing and it was my honor to be involved in their day… and being present to document moments such as this… when the daughter is included in the marriage… is why I love doing this.  You have a story.  I want to tell it.c2_0123