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married in Memphis… Corey and Allie

You may recall the engagement session I put up a few weeks back with Corey and Allie (click their name to see the post) and how much I rambled on about loving this couple.  Well, it’s still true.  They’re my kind of dorks.  They’re madly in love. They’re deeply devoted. They’re humble, kind, giving and gracious. In short… I really dig them.

I drove to Memphis, TN a couple weeks ago to spend an afternoon with them at their church on the edge of town. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I pulled up, because in all honesty, it’s not what I traditionally think of when I hear the word… church. Regardless, inside was super cool and even more importantly, it was filled with friends and family who love to praise and were there to celebrate the joining of two amazing people. And I got to be witness to it all.  That fact is always something that keeps me in awe.

So enjoy a brief glimpse into their wedding day. I’d pack up and go shoot this one all over again.

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Kristen and Jeff, a river side wedding.

My career offers a lot of opportunity to work with couples I don’t know, other than by means of photographing their wedding… and then there are weddings like this one. Kristen, the bride, and my wife, Trisha, work together, so this wedding was one where I knew a lot of the people involved.  That makes it special to me.  Plus, my wife was a bridesmaid, so that was a new adventure for me as well.

Jeff is a local chef with some serious skills. If you’ve not had his food, I’d recommend you look him up and try his amazing creations. Plus, he has to be one of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.

Kristen and Jeff were married on the banks of the White River on a steamy Saturday evening at the end of May. Having lived here since 1995, the White River is one of my favorite features of this area. I’ve spent countless hours in the water, waist deep, fishing for Rainbow trout and Brown trout.  By having such a history with the river, I love seeing it used as the backdrop for a wedding.  A cool contrast compared to how I was originally introduced to the river

These guys never slowed down.  From the rehearsal dinner the night before, right on to the end of my night with them, the energy was off the charts. Jeff’s groomsmen know how to have a good time, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t outdone by the ladies. It was fun keeping up with their pace and spirit.

So it goes without saying that Kristen made such a gorgeous bride. Her dress was elegant and was the perfect gown for her… she wore it well. Oh, and Jeff… headband king.  That was awesome.

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into their wedding day.  Enjoy!

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Matt & Erica… a Saturday in June.

Several months ago, I met Erica and Matt for the first time over coffee to discuss wedding plans. We laughed and laughed and somewhere in the midst of the laughter, we figured out what was going to happen for their wedding day.  Truth be told, Erica is super organized and made that part easy… and Matt likes the world’s greatest football team.  THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!!  So of course he and I knew we had to work together.

Fast forward to a few weeks before the wedding and Erica called me with the final details and we were set. She told me that her family was high energy and loved to have fun. I didn’t fully realize the gravity of her words.  Her dad was awesome.  The dude can dance, he can laugh, he wears a suit like he’s James Bond and most of all… he loves his daughter and it shows.  As to that fact, this entire group was close and getting to be around that much genuine love is uplifting.

We started the day at Stone Creek Ranch for bridal prep and a first look.  After that we headed to St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church for the ceremony and then back to Stone Creek for the reception. Both locations were perfect.  St Peter’s is ALWAYS on point with amazing light that photographers love for the ceremony… or at least I do.  And Karry and the folks at Stone Creek have what I honestly believe to be the premier venue in this part of the country.  You should really check them out.

Erica and Matt have this group of friends who know how to party.  I love that.  When I left the reception at the end of the night, I was beat. Soaked from rain, and sweat from the resulting humidity. The next morning, I felt as if I was hungover, but hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol.  It was non-stop. It was fast paced. It was perfect.  I’m glad I got to be a part of their amazing wedding day.

Give me a call and let’s hear about your wedding plans.

Enjoy a few pics from their wedding day.

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Why I love bridal portraits.

I love doing bridal sessions. It is a great way for the bride to have a run through with her hair, makeup, flowers and… me.  It gives me an opportunity to get to know the bride a little better, to see where her comfort level is in front of the camera when in full dress. Sadly, it seems the tradition of bridal portraits is fading away, and I think that’s a shame.

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time studying old photos, looking at them not just for “how pretty” they are, but for the historical significance the portraits hold. You can see the similarities between great-grandma’s features and her great-granddaughter. Regardless of how the trends may change, the dresses may differ, the gaze off to nowhere has been replaced by an open mouth laugh with the brides head thrown back, I cannot escape seeing the relationship between them.  Not doing them… in my mind… robs future generations from being able to do the same.

So I’m offering 50% off bridal portrait sessions when added to new wedding packages for the next five wedding contracts. Or, if you’ve recently booked your date with me, I’ll extend that offer to you.  I think they’re THAT important. Here are a few photos from the past several years.  Just a tiny sampling of the bridals I’ve shot…. but the truth is… school starts tomorrow and my time on the computer is short today, so I didn’t find as many as I should have.  Enjoy!


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Mr. & Mrs. Roberts, the unabridged version.

Often times I  worry that I post too many photos… or that I’m too wordy. Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t worry too much about it, because I’m just that kind of person.  I’m wordy and I’m proud of it.  So I hope you enjoy this look at Bryan’s and Makalya’s wedding day.

I’ve already posted a sneak preview of the wedding, but felt their beautiful day was worthy of more. I don’t photograph a lot of weddings here in Mountain Home, but always love it when the chance is presented. Getting to work with people I know is special.

This wedding was one where I really felt as if I’d been given a seat of honor where I could be part of their most intimate lives. I was witness to their love, their faith and their happiness. …. oh, and the guy’s cool socks.

I cannot wait to show Bryan, Makayla and their families the entire collection of photos.

Enjoy!  BTW, the kids in this wedding … may have stolen the show.  They were so adorable.

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Allie & Corey… not sure I’m ready for this.

As a photographer, planning an outdoor photo session, I always know I’m at the mercy of the weather… and often, the weather seems to work against me. Allie and I had already rescheduled a couple of different times due to rain and this day was really one we weren’t sure about, but the weatherman said Jonesboro was in the clear. I gathered my equipment and started my two and a half hour drive to meet them for their engagement photos on a beautiful and sunny afternoon.  By the time I made it to Jonesboro, I couldn’t see to drive. I had to pull over and wait it out. Buckets. Maybe more than buckets.  There were barrels of rain falling. Some streets were flooding and enough lightning that it was honestly a bit scary at times. Finally I made it to downtown Jonesboro where we were going to meet up and it was still raining, so we all sat in our vehicles and waited.  And waited.  And then when we were tired of waiting, we waited some more. To be truthful, I was feeling a bit discouraged.

Then the rain stopped and we discussed our options. Things were soaked and standing water was abundant, so posing was going to be a bit of a challenge, as using the grassy areas was ruled out.  We got a game plan and headed out.  This is where my day turned around and things got AWESOME!

I’ve photographed, literally hundreds of couples, but none quite like this couple. To say they have a sense of humor is possibly the biggest understatement I could make. These two are… and I say this with all the love I can possibly muster… nothing less than the most loveable and funny dorks you’ll ever meet. Somehow in the midst of their having fun, we managed to get some seriously badass engagement photos that show their personalities to perfection.

My face hurt for the entire drive home, because I couldn’t stop smiling. Needless to say, I am so ready for their wedding in Memphis, later this month. I’m already anticipating how amazing their photos will be… and how much I’ll be smiling.

Included in this gallery are some that I probably shouldn’t show off, but I am going to anyway. I love couples who are not afraid to truly be themselves and there are a couple of the photos I’m sharing that are simply a result of us laughing and them seeing how weird things could get. Enjoy!

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Remaining 2018 weddings…. SALE!!!

Getting married this coming fall or winter?  Still needing to book a photographer.  Well since we’re past the halfway point of the year, you can save 20% off remaining 2018 wedding dates… but you still get 100% of me.

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