I’m John

I’ve read a LOT of about pages and to be honest, most are quite similar. You’re told about the person’s passion for photography and how much they love bacon.  Well, get ready.  This is not that type of about page.

A long time ago I had great hair. It was awesome… but then again, so were my butt and my abs. Four kids and years and years of marriage later and my hair is simply just bad hair and my butt and abs are fairly more substantial than they were when Trisha married me. I can’t do much about the hair, other than shave it off, but I am working on the butt and abs. She deserves a better physical version of ME.  Come to think of it, so do I. I deserve a better me.

In high school, I wrote a letter that was read on the Tulsa Channel 6 evening news, proclaiming my own death. I signed it Mrs. R.A. Brown, Kansas, OK. That was weird.  People actually thought I was dead. My mother was not impressed and did not think it was funny. I’ll just say that we differed on that opinion.  I thought it was brilliant.

I’m married.  Let me tell you, Trisha married the hell out of me and I love it. I wouldn’t change anything. I have four amazing kids, one incredible daughter-in-law, two dogs that are utterly amazing, Jordy and Lola, three cats …. and my opinion varies on them from day to day, but overwhelmingly, they’re pretty cool. Lovey, the oldest cat is 18 or 19…. and I don’t think he’ll ever die. Todd and Marie are siblings and they’re actually pretty cool.

In my life I’ve been in retail management… and that sucked.  Nearly a decade was spent in the amazing world of EMS.  I loved being a paramedic, but there is only so much sadness that a human can tolerate in their life. That was the last career I had prior to being a full time photographer. I honestly prefer my life behind the camera.  Behind the camera I get to meet some of the world’s greatest people.  I’ve met celebrities, politicians … and most importantly people who trusted me to be their photographer.

I’ve won various awards throughout my career as a photographer, but those don’t really matter to me.  I’ve been published in a few magazines… again,  not what matters to me.
So what does matter to me? Visit the testimonials page on this blog, or on my website and read the words left by past clients. Every time I hear that I’ve exceeded the expectations of my clients, I smile. Not a superficial smile, but one that goes so deep my ancestors can see it.

So there you go. I’m John and I love what I get to do…. and I look forward to working with you. If you really want to know more about me, look at my work. I promise there’s a little piece of me in every image.