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Quincie & Skyler.. a June farm wedding

You never know what a wedding day will have in store for you. There are a few things you can count on… it will be hectic… most things don’t happen exactly at the planned time… and most importantly, two people who are in love will get married.  (I’ve actually had one where they weren’t legally married until the next Monday because they forgot a marriage license)  This wedding, however, pretty much ran on schedule, nobody was really keyed up … and of course, two people, madly in love, got married.

Quincie and Skyler were married on her family’s land in Southern Missouri, under an old oak tree. Personally, I think it was the perfect setting. Gorgeous blue skies and HOT temps set in as the clouds and sprinkles cleared out.  The result… I was soaked in sweat for the rest of the day.  Pretty typical for a summer wedding in the south. Quincie, on the other hand, looked absolutely radiant for the entire day. This girl is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.  What a joy to photograph.

Skyler and his groomsmen handled the heat like champs.  They were all dressed to the nines and in my memory, I don’t recall any of them complaining too much about the heat. What I do recall, vividly, is the friendship and love they were not afraid to display as they stood by Skyler’s side.  That was pretty awesome.

Then there’s the barn.  The barn made the perfect backdrop for the reception.  Lights strung, decorations placed and the natural aged appearance of the barn gave me plenty of opportunities to find great shots. This is a photographer’s dream.

Anyway, I posted their wedding on my Facebook page right after it took place, but wanted to make sure that while catching up on the backlog of weddings for the blog, everyone got a chance to have a glimpse of their wedding day.